Lower Your Business Handicap for Success

Just like a golf game, by selecting the right set of clubs and being trained by a pro, you can lower your handicap. In other words, improve measurable performance in your business

In the rapidly changing business environment in Thailand today, you need a professional consulting partner with a co-vision in business resolutions. SCORE SOLUTIONS CO., LTD focuses on managing and implementing ERP application packages as well as providing cogent advice to clients on their existing tools and enhancement features. Our firm offers premium-level consultancy services to clients and expert competencies with business partners with the ability to anticipate, understand and deliver innovative and creative technical solutions based upon a vision that influences the business’s long-range strategic plan.

Our Experts

We believe that our business success factors will be built on the foundation of the competent “assets” composed of skilled, knowledgeable and valued veteran sales and technical groups of consulting experts.

Our Experts are composed of several layers of veteran Business Analysts and Technology consultants being technology-aligned specialists, will have the ability to explain and position business classes and enterprise class products as well as plan and design solutions and services at a generalist level.


Rules of Engagement

As a professional consulting firm, we are committing the following rules of engagements with our clients:

  • ERP Applications and Technical Expertise
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Outstanding Performance
  • No-Risk Service Commitment
  • Simplified Management and Predictable Budgeting

As a professional business partner, we are expanding our commitment horizons on top of the above as follows:

  • Long-term strategic and technical alliance.
  • Deliver innovative and creative technical solutions.
  • Anticipate client needs and develop organizational strategies to meet those needs when adding values.
  • Foster client’s partnership focus throughout the organization. 

Steps of Operations

Our steps of operations strictly follow the USA Principles, prior to any project commencement, which is to understand the existing business processes before simplifying them over the complicated processes. Then, to automate only after the first two rules have been executed.
Our quality will be earned by leveraging and maintaining Thailand’s ERP software quality by following the guidelines in the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). Every phase of implementation will be kicked off at the minimum of SEI Level 3 covering the following features:
  • Organization Process Focus and
  • Definition Training Program Integrated
  • Software Management Inter-group
  • Coordination Peer Reviews

Process of projects



Expert review

test in action

expert approval

ready to action